Kororaa 17 delayed

I was hoping to release Kororaa 17 by the end of this month, but it will most likely be delayed by a few weeks. I’ve been struggling mostly with getting SELinux to play nicely with Jockey, after upstream added a jockey module to default selinux-policy (which is a good thing). I think I have it cracked now, but it will need a lot of testing as it has now become a much complicated. In addition, there is an ATI driver coming which needs testing and I’m hoping to switch to akmods by default in this release, which also needs testing.

The other thing I was planning to release was an install DVD and I’ve run into issues there also, blockers with filesystem related I think to the removal of /bin and /sbin, etc. Not sure what to do on that one yet, so it might not happen.

I also need to fix some GNOME extensions which aren’t working (like alternate status menu) and customise Cinnamon at users’ requests (I haven’t even had time to really look at it yet).

The good news is that changes between the beta and final will all be pushed out via regular system updates, so if you’ve installed the beta you will probably not need to re-install. The only thing you’ll miss out on are any changes to default user skel like certain settings and mozilla profile updates, etc. Updating and then creating a new user will work around this, but there are unlikely to be any major changes any way.

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