Hi, I’m Chris and I’m just another Linux geek.

I use free and open source software like Linux, GNOME and Firefox.

I have worked for various organisations as both a developer and team leader developing open source software, including IBM OzLabs, RackSpace and the Australian Federal Government.

In 2005 I created the Korora Project, a Linux distribution originally based off Gentoo which later became a Fedora Remix.

I was previously the editor of DistroWatch’s weekly newsletter, where I would discuss distro related news from the past week and sometimes write a feature article. I also maintained a weekly blog for Linux Magazine for a while.

You can also catch me on Twitter.


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  2. Scott

    Just upgraded to F14 and installed clamav-0.96.3. When I try to run configure-clamd.sh as root ([root@ncc1701 ~]# /home/scott/configure-clamd.sh scott), I get the following output:
    You appear to be running Fedora release 14 (Laughlin), excellent.

    Configuring clamd to run as user ‘clamav’ on port ‘3310’.

    If you do NOT want to proceed, hit CTRL+C within 5 seconds…
    5.. 4.. 3.. 2.. 1..
    OK then, proceeding..

    Checking for required packages..
    Required packages already installed.

    Checking for clamav user, ‘clamav’..
    User already exists, not creating.

    Configuring clamd to do all the right things..
    Could not find required template files under /usr/share/doc/clamav-server-sysvinit
    0.96.3/, sorry.

    Instance of clamd for user ‘clamav’ NOT created successfully.

    The files are there owned by root and mod=644 except for clamd.init script mod=755. The path is /usr/share/doc/clamav-server-0.96.3/. Why is it adding sysvinit into the search path? Is that why it is not completing? It worked fine with F13 and the clam version with it.

  3. Chris Post author

    Hi Scott,

    Thanks for posting this. Are you running the latest version from github? There was a bug introduced in Fedora 13 due to directory structure change, which I fixed.

    I just ran it on F14 and it worked for me (except for starting the service, because there are no data files).
    Packages successfully installed.
    Checking for clamav user, 'chris'..
    User already exists, not creating.
    Configuring clamd to do all the right things..
    Configuring log rotation for clamd..
    Configuring clamd under syconfig..
    Configuring clamd init script..
    Enabling freshclam, the clamav updater..
    Creating required directories and starting service..
    Could not start service, sorry.
    The clamd service has been successfully installed and configured with:
    User 'chris' on port '3310'.
    Have fun!


  4. Stephen Green

    dude, what is this? your kororaa doesn’t work for me at all. Using two separate laptops I’ve downloaded, via distrowatch with awful results. So bad in fact that you should reconsider what your doing..
    Using the link to your site from distrowatch locked up google chrome,
    I’m now using ff5 with a direct connection in order to place a comment
    here. Bad enough two separate downloads and installs failed, but even the link between your site and distrowatch are messed up.
    I’m something of a distro-hopper so I always like to try the new stuff
    when I can. Unfortunately it won’t be your kororaa…

  5. Chris Post author

    Hi Stephen,

    Sorry about that – yes there’s a bug on some machines starting X – unfortunately I didn’t find it in all of my testing, but hey, that’s what a Beta is for 🙂 I think I have found a fix for it, and plan to release it soon.

    Thanks for giving it a try anyway.


  6. Chris Post author

    Hi Stephen,

    If your issues related to the reported “black screen problem”, there’s a test I’d like people to try. It’s really simple, just power off your computer completely before you boot the live CD (rather than rebooting into it). I finally found the issue after hours of testing and noticed it only occurred if I rebooted. I posted about it on Kororaa news blog (and on my blog here, too).

    Anyway, if you’re having that problem and still keen to take a look, please let me know the results!

    If your problems were other things, I’d be grateful to hear about them in more detail.


  7. Chris Post author

    Hi Stephen,

    You’ve probably run away never to hear the work “Kororaa” again, but just to let you know that I’ve released Beta 2 which fixes the black screen problem.


  8. Brad

    It’s one of my favorite distros (and longest lasting too). I appreciate the work you put in to it, I think it’s a lot more polished than some of the other Fedora based distros, and I appreciate it.

    Despite what that other guy said, I would appreciate it if you DON’T reconsider what you’re doing and keep working on it.

  9. Chris Post author

    Well it’s not awkward for me, but it is my blog and that page is about me. Just like I say that I love languages, or tennis or Linux or whatever, that’s another component of who I am. However, you have reminded me that it’s due for an update, so I’ve also toned it down.


  10. mopasans2

    …about LibreOffice… I am from Latvia and not find my nativ langpack-lv for LibreOffice….

  11. Frank Murphy


    Cannot create user “clamav” sorry

    it then exits

    Would it be uid starting at 1000 ?

  12. Chris

    Hi Frank,

    I assume that’s from the configure-clamav script? This is the command it’s running, which creates a user at next available uid:

    useradd clamav -c “User for clamd”

    What happens when you run that manually?


  13. John

    There are no news for Kororaa 18. Any plans? I’d love to see some betas before release so the bugs can be squeezed out. Any plans?

  14. Chris Post author

    Hi John,

    Yes, in fact we’ve been working hard on a build system to help us automate the build process. This is mostly complete and I’m hoping that we’ll have some internal test images spun in the next two weeks. If all that goes well, I’ll release them to the public for testing.


  15. ernesto

    Hi Chris,

    Which theme are you using for this wordpress blog?

    I’ve use Kubrick that is similar as this one, but it became too old.

    Thank you

  16. Tony Rein

    Greetings from Cincinnati (in Ohio in the USA). Just writing to thank you for posting the OpenWRT and VLAN tutorial in particular, among all your other work in the Free and Open-Source world!

    Have a good day,

  17. Haddady Mohammed Ezzine

    i’m a huge lover of KORORA distro (^-^)

    i have designed a logo for KORORA , and l’d love to share it with korora team , since i haven’t found any contact infor in the offitiel page , please send me any contact i can use to send you the logo.

    Mohammed Ezzine Haddady

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