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Vindication for me: “Delay Ubuntu updates,” Bryce Harrington suggests

According to Ubuntu X.Org expert Bryce Harrington, the number of X.org related bugs in Karmic “literally went off the chart.”

In my recent article on Ubuntu, I made two suggestions to improve the overall experience of for users.

My main suggestion was to delay update-manager from prompting an upgrade until initial major issues were fixed. I copped a lot of flack (read hate mail) for my suggestions. Personally, I believe that someone had to say it – it’s been the elephant in the room for a long time.

Now however, I feel somewhat vindicated as Bryce agrees with me:

One suggestion that I think might be good would be for releases like Karmic where we feel it is a bit more ambitious technologically, to make update-manager hold off on recommending users upgrade for a few weeks. This would give time for SRUs to make their way through the system for critical issues people run into. In fact, this might even be a good idea for the LTS. Anyway, just wanted to toss out this as an idea.

Yes! I totally agree 🙂

Karmic X.Org bugs

Trimming the FAT: Linux and Patents

My first article for Linux Magazine has just gone live.

The TomTom case exposed a long-simmering problem resulting from the combination of patents, proprietary software companies and open source. Andrew Tridgell recently patched Linux’s VFAT implementation, but the cult of silence that surrounds intellectual property will bedevil open source projects for some time to come.

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