Kororaa 17 syncing to mirrors

Kororaa 17 has been ready for a few weeks now, but it is taking a very long time to sync to SourceForge mirrors. In addition, some bots picked up the new files and posted a release announcement (although I had not yet done one) which caused the few mirrors that had been sync’d to get hammered and as a result they dropped the files.

This has happened a few times now so I have changed the 17 release to staging mode for 3 days in the hope that it will be enough time to sync enough mirrors. When there are enough, I will release the files and post an announcement.

Sorry for the delay…

5 thoughts on “Kororaa 17 syncing to mirrors

  1. Allan

    Hey Chris,

    Yeah took me some time to download it (over 20 hours on my dodgy ADSL 1 connection) but I got there in the end. : )

    Looks good and love the fact it has Yakuake out of the box!

  2. Allan

    Yeah, I created the same username and inherited my old home directory with no problems – even preserved my desktop settings and wallpaper. The issue I had before with my home dir must have been because I was going from Ubuntu to Fedora.


  3. banavara

    Hi, how do I preserve my data…, While doing a fresh install, if I create a uses with same name (provided /home is on a separate partition) All my settings from previous install will be restored?


  4. Chris Post author

    Yep, Kororaa will say the user already exists (assuming you use the same username) and ask to take ownership.


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