Kororaa 17 syncing to mirrors

Kororaa 17 has been ready for a few weeks now, but it is taking a very long time to sync to SourceForge mirrors. In addition, some bots picked up the new files and posted a release announcement (although I had not yet done one) which caused the few mirrors that had been sync’d to get hammered and as a result they dropped the files.

This has happened a few times now so I have changed the 17 release to staging mode for 3 days in the hope that it will be enough time to sync enough mirrors. When there are enough, I will release the files and post an announcement.

Sorry for the delay…

5 Responses to “Kororaa 17 syncing to mirrors”

  • Hey Chris,

    Yeah took me some time to download it (over 20 hours on my dodgy ADSL 1 connection) but I got there in the end. : )

    Looks good and love the fact it has Yakuake out of the box!

  • 🙂 Hopefully some more mirrors soon. Did you sync your old data OK?


  • Yeah, I created the same username and inherited my old home directory with no problems – even preserved my desktop settings and wallpaper. The issue I had before with my home dir must have been because I was going from Ubuntu to Fedora.


  • Hi, how do I preserve my data…, While doing a fresh install, if I create a uses with same name (provided /home is on a separate partition) All my settings from previous install will be restored?


  • Yep, Kororaa will say the user already exists (assuming you use the same username) and ask to take ownership.


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