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KDE SC 4.4 is here

The KDE SC team has finally announced the much awaited 4.4 release, dubbed “Caikaku.”

KDE SC 4.4 Desktop

The sleek modern desktop environment from KDE SC has finally arrived. I’ve been waiting a long time for a solid, complete version and now I can finally delve right in and see all the goodies that KDE has to offer (although 4.3.5 was also very good, in my mind 4.4 is “it” and marks a most important turning point in the desktop).

Update: Renamed the title of the post so as to not appear to be dissing GNOME (which is also a brilliant desktop).

Munich adopts Open Document Format

I missed this previously, but Munich has finally switched over to exclusive use of ODF for documents, and PDF for non-editable documents.

The city administration’s standard desktops now consist of the free OpenOffice.org office suite, Mozilla’s Firefox browser, the Thunderbird email client and several other open source applications, such as the GIMP image editor.

KDE Semantic Desktop Technology with Nepomuk

KDE News provides a first look at Mandriva’s integration of Nepomuk with KDE 4.3 in their recent release.

Nepomuk is a whole new approach to managing information intelligently and the transformation of pure research into useful and robust tools obviously takes time. However, Nepomuk is already working behind the scenes in KDE software in ways you may have used without noticing and some advanced searching features are already available if you know how to use them…

A friendly Nepomuk based search interface is expected to debut with Dolphin in release 4.4 of the KDE Software Compilation and full browsing capabilities based on Nepomuk are aimed for inclusion in 4.5 in the form of faceted browsing.