Manage and tweak Fedora with Ansible (and apply Korora settings by default)

Korora Project is a Linux distro I created over 13 years ago, which (since 2010) takes Fedora and applies dozens of tweaks in an effort to make it more usable “out of the box” for every day users.

Even with one or two others helping, it has been a lot of work so I’ve taken a break from the project for the last year to focus on other things. There has been no release of Korora since and so lately I’ve been running stock Fedora 29 Workstation (GNOME) on my laptop.

I enjoy the Korora defaults though and given that my family also runs Korora, I wanted a way to be able to move them to stock Fedora while keeping the same packages as well as the look and feel.

So, I created a Korora Ansible Role (it’s also on Ansible Galaxy) to apply the same Korora tweaks for stock Fedora Workstation (GNOME) plus an example playbook which uses it.

I tried to make it flexible by using variables so that users can change default package lists and settings for each machine, as required.

Running it on your local machine is pretty trivial, there’s a shell script with a sample inventory for localhost.

$ git clone --recursive ~/korora-ansible
$ cd ~/korora-ansible
$ ./

The end result is something like this!

Fedora after running Korora Ansible Role.

Customising it for particular machines is pretty easy thanks to Ansible, especially when using a YAML inventory.

For example, the following inventory for localhost at ~/korora-ansible/inventory/hosts-custom.yml will override defaults and add a few extras.

  • Remove totem
  • Install kodi
  • Change GNOME favourites (links in the dash)
  • Install nginx webserver, enable it and open the firewall for web traffic
  • Install Adapta theme and set GTK and GNOME shell themes
  • Set fonts for the system
  • You can do more!

cd ~/korora-ansible
cat > ./inventory/hosts-custom.yml<<EOF
ansible_connection: local
- totem
- kodi
- firefox.desktop
- vlc.desktop
- kodi.desktop
- shotwell.desktop
- org.gnome.Nautilus.desktop
- org.gnome.Software.desktop
- org.gnome.Terminal.desktop
- nginx
- nginx
- http
name: Adapta
- adapta-gtk-theme
name: Adapta
name: "Droid Sans Regular 11"
- google-droid-sans-fonts
name: "Droid Sans Regular 11"
name: "Droid Sans Bold 11"
name: "Droid Sans Mono Regular 11"
- google-droid-sans-mono-fonts
ansible_python_interpreter: /usr/bin/python3

You would run the playbook with that custom inventory file by passing it in as the first argument.

$ ./ ./inventory/hosts-custom.yml

11 thoughts on “Manage and tweak Fedora with Ansible (and apply Korora settings by default)

  1. Used (and liked) Korora, several versions.
    Like the idea of an update of Fedora (29 and after).
    Need (for the beginner) to add : “sudo dnf install git”
    Need to be able to undo the changes (nor sure it is the case).
    Would prefer the changes to be implemented as an RPM package (so undo is easy); my guess it is what you are planning, correct ?
    Hope there is room for the MATE users (I am one).
    Thanks a lot, this is good !

    Andre Gompel

  2. Hey Andre,

    Git is included in the base Fedora Workstation image (not sure about Mate), so no need to install it first. The script will check for ansible and if it’s not there, will prompt to install it.

    So those three lines should be all that’s needed to get it all going. I have no plans to do Mate at this point in time, hopefully it’s something that others can contribute if they want to use it.

    I’ll probably work in undo at some point.


  3. Thanks, I haven’t done any work for cinnamon yet. You could still run it for the other things, but the desktop won’t be configured.


  4. Very nice. I just hope that you would be able to get Korora back up and running. Your distro is much more polished than plain vanilla Fedora. Thanks for your hard work and God bless you.

  5. I saw in another post you use SilverBlue – does this play nicely with that ?

  6. Some of the Korora playbook will work, but packages will fail, so it really needs a proper update to make it Silverblue compatible.

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