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  1. Very good review and it and a prior one from a few months earlier by the same Youtube user convinced me to download and install Kororaa 16 after having installed Fedora 16 and been very disappointed in it installing very little for apps.

    Kororaa.org problem :

    But I’m having a problem at the kororaa.org website, not being able to login and getting the message saying that my username or password is invalid. I just created the forums account there a couple of weeks ago after installing Kororaa 16 and trying it, because my French or Canadian keyboard isn’t recognized and many keys aren’t mapped correctly. But now I’m not being allowed to login, so found a link for sending an email to, hopefully, a kororaa.org administrator and shot an email off about this login error. That doesn’t work though, for GMail promptly returned my email saying that it couldn’t be sent to the destination address.

    Since there’s no way to leave this message about the login failure at kororaa.org and Chris Smart is the key individual behind this distribution based on Fedora, I hope it’s okay to post here about this login problem.

  2. Hi Mike,

    Sorry about that, I can reset your password for you. I think I replied to your question about keyboards 🙂 I have forced re-activation on your account, but not sure if that will let you reset the password. If not, let me know and I’ll reset it to something and email you.

    Here’s the replies to your questions:

    Fom Jim:

    Hi mikecorbeil

    Welcome to Kororaa.

    I haven’t any experience with what you are trying to do but can suggest a couple of things. In KDE System Settings check that the language is set to French.
    There is a section for the keyboard in System Settings – Input Devices – Keyboard that has settings for particular keyboards. I don’t see your keyboard listed there though.
    On the Layouts tab of the same section click on Configure Layout and the Add button to select various layouts which include an option for French with various further options.
    There is a French support package for KDE which you should install if you don’t have it. It is kde-l10n. I’m not sure what it does, it may only provide screens and dialogues in French but it may help.
    Also see http://forums.fedoraforum.org/showthread.php?t=259430 although it doesn’t give much information

    Hopefully that helps a little.


    From me:

    Hi mikecorbeil,

    Welcome! Further to ozjd’s suggestion, there is a tool that lets you change your system-wide keyboard (as opposed to just KDE), maye you can give that a try:

    Code: Select all

    I see there are several French keyboards there.

    Hope that helps!


    Hope that helps!


  3. Chris, your mum gave me your contact details, as I’m interested in getting Linux onto a laptop, mainly for emails. I’m told it has good resistance to being broken into. Can you help?
    Ian Brearley

  4. Hi Ian,

    Yep, Linux is the way to go. Are you planning to boot both Windows and Linux, or just Linux? You can do either, but the former is a little more tricky.

    What I recommend you do is download the Korora 18 GNOME Live DVD and burn it to a DVD then boot it in your laptop and have a play. It can load and run from the DVD directly in memory without installing. If you want to go ahead, you can install it by running the shortcut on the desktop.

    Here is the website, take a look and let me know if you need a hand:

    Have fun!

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