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ZDNet on Korora 19, “If you make the effort to try it, you are likely to love it.”

After reviewing Fedora 19, J.A. Watson does a hands on with Korora 19.

Once installed, Korora has worked flawlessly for me. Every system, every bit of hardware, every driver — they have all worked straight out of the box. If you’re not into reading release announcements and such to find out what the differences [between Fedora and Korora] are, just install it and then browse around in the menus a bit. It includes a truly impressive array of pre-installed software, in every category. If you make the effort to try it, you are likely to love it.

Under the Arch

As the editor for the DistroWatch weekly newsletter, I often write reviews of Linux distributions.

For this week’s release I’ve completed a review of Arch Linux. As it was a lot of work, I figured I’d post it here rather than just in the newsletter..

There is a podcast for it too (10MB).

The DistroWatch Weekly is released every Monday and includes a summary of distribution related news, a feature article, as well as current and upcoming distribution releases.