Kororaa 15 beta – black screen test

After hours of testing on several machines, I was finally able to reproduce the “black screen issue” some users reported with the Kororaa 15 Beta Live image (only on one, my ThinkPad X201). I should mention, this was with a new build which will become Beta2. I almost gave up trying and it wasn’t until the very last boot (when I thought everything was good) that I stumbled across it. So, this could be a red-herring – to me it seems like a kernel issue which might just apply to my laptop.

Anyway, I seem to have narrowed it down to only occurring if I had rebooted my machine, as opposed to powering it off first. If I powered off the machine first before booting the Live image, then it worked perfectly. If I rebooted, it failed.

I would like someone else who had the problem to test this theory for me, to see whether it really is the case (it does not look X related to me). It’s a simple test, just power off your machine, then try the Live DVD/USB.

I will release a new image tomorrow to address some other issues, but I’m not convinced that this issue is completely solved. Of course it could be completely unrelated! 🙂


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  1. Chris., your Mum gave me your contact details. I’d like to learn about Linux as regards the greater security for emails, with a view to having it installed. Can you help?
    Ian Brearley

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