Even Microsoft can’t get OOXML right..

That’s right, even Microsoft can’t get their own data format right.

Readers commented on an article about 2008 Service Pack 2 that it broke their existing OOXML files:

I am having EXACTLY the same problem. It seems that any .pptx file created on my mac will not open. All .ppt files open fine. All .pptx files created on a PC open fine.

But, everything I was working on this morning no longer opens….what am I going to DO? I am totally screwed, can’t work at all……

Microsoft’s recommended fix? Un-install and re-install Office, but don’t do the updates. Re-create your files in their older non-OOXML formats.

Sure, they’ve now released a fix, but you have to wonder how something like this could get all the way through to the service pack. Oh wait…

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