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Even Microsoft can’t get OOXML right..

That’s right, even Microsoft can’t get their own data format right.

Readers commented on an article about 2008 Service Pack 2 that it broke their existing OOXML files:

I am having EXACTLY the same problem. It seems that any .pptx file created on my mac will not open. All .ppt files open fine. All .pptx files created on a PC open fine.

But, everything I was working on this morning no longer opens….what am I going to DO? I am totally screwed, can’t work at all……

Microsoft’s recommended fix? Un-install and re-install Office, but don’t do the updates. Re-create your files in their older non-OOXML formats.

Sure, they’ve now released a fix, but you have to wonder how something like this could get all the way through to the service pack. Oh wait…

Crossover for FREE!

Wine’s pretty good these days. On its own it can install and run programs like Microsoft Office under Linux. This is thanks, in part, to contributions made to the Wine project from the Codeweavers gang.

Their flagship product, Crossover, is a commercial product based on Wine which lets you install many products from the Microsoft platform.

Mike sent me an email that for the next 24 hours or so, Codeweavers are offering Crossover Professional and Crossover Games for FREE.

Update: You don’t need to register your email, just download the version that you want.

Oh, and there’s an OS X version too.