4 thoughts on “Omega: Fedora For The Rest of Us

  1. Awww.. maybe? It’s Fedora.. just with some extra repositories so I’m not sure what it would prove. Currently there are no helper tools like under Ubuntu to automatically detect when a piece of hardware can use a proprietary driver, but the RPM Fusion people are thinking about implementing some. Perhaps when this happens, it would be worth a closer look.

    As for Fedora itself, I’ll be posting my findings from time to time on my blog. Got a fresh install to do on my machine at home shortly, so no doubt that will uncover something interesting 🙂


  2. I know it’s not as fashionable as the *buntus but I love Fedora – perhaps because my first Linux was RH4. Although I’ve used Debian based distros the RH way of doing things just seems ingrained now!

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