6 thoughts on “World’s smallest desktop PC comes with Linux

  1. Would look good sitting below my TV too. But no audio over hdmi would be an issue for me. I wonder if it’s just not supported by the chipset or weather new drivers will be able to unlock it in the future?

  2. Ahh… I didn’t think about that. So you want audio over HDMI rather than the analogue ports? Hmm… that would be neat.

    There’s also no audio over the HDMI output. There are analog line-in, out and microphone connectors, but digital audio is a no-go. This seriously limits the product’s potential as a home theater PC.

    Pity 🙁

  3. Hey Chris,

    You’re dead right. I think that’s why it only comes with Ubuntu 8.04. Those drivers really are a pity, especially as they seem to be quite capable. I think the very nice looking P Series Sony 8″ netbook has the same chip.

    Looks like it’s one to stay away from after all! 🙁


  4. That’s a shame.. looks like it’ll be an under appreciated chip. From memory, it’s not native Intel, but one that they collaborated with another company to make. Perhaps that goes some way to explaining why they aren’t showing it any love.


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