Omega – Fedora for the rest of us

If you’re wanting to try out Fedora, but want all of your multimedia working out of the box, then give Omega a try (a Remix of Fedora). Rahul Sundaram has just released the latest version, Dalmation, which is built on Fedora 14 and available in both 32 and 64bit flavours.

Omega is a completely free and open source Linux based operating system. It is a installable Live image that includes comprehensive multimedia functionality out of the box. It is a Live image that can be optionally installed to your hard disk. Omega is 100% compatible with Fedora and a Fedora Remix only including packages from Fedora, RPM Fusion and Livna software repositories.

If you’re interested in what Omega is all about, I wrote an article on it for Linux Magazine a while back.


Omega: Fedora For The Rest of Us

As a part of my three months using Fedora trial, I have written an article for Linux Magazine about Remixes and Omega in particular.

Omega is a Remix of Fedora which includes the RPM Fusion repositories and GStreamer plugins for multimedia codecs by default. It also ships with all the latest updates at the time of release.