2 thoughts on “KDE 4: The Komplete Desktop?

  1. Nice article. One little detail about Konqueror though… While Dolphin IS indeed intended to be the new KDE4 file manager, Konqueror is still perfectly usable in file manager mode as well. I occasionally use it as a browser when I need a fast loading browser just to check something on Google real fast, but for me Konqueror is still my primary file manager. I’m just not all that impressed with Dolphin yet (although it IS getting better as time goes on, it’s still not quite the file managing do-it-all powerhouse that Konqueror was/is for me).

  2. You’re right. In fact while Dolphin was in its infancy I didn’t like it at all and kept using Konqueror. Kioslaves are one of the most powerful components of KDE I think. But now Dolphin really is very very good (IMO), I don’t use Konqueror anymore 🙂

    Actually the one thing Konqueror is still great for is the shortcuts to things like Wikipedia and Google which you can type in the bar. Sure, Firefox has the drop down search box, but that takes mouse clicks.

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