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Cheaper SSDs on the way thanks to new 25nm process

Intel and Micron will ship 25nm flash memory in the second quarter of this year, which in turn should finally mean cheaper SSDs for everyone. Yay.

Intel’s existing multi cell X25-M and X18-M models are 32nm. This new shrink enables much greater capacity (8GB NAND measuring just 167 x 167mm) and devices will follow version 2.2 of the Open NAND Flash Interface (ONFI) specification.

With most of the original issues sorted out (or worked around) and the introduction of TRIM, it sounds like SSD might finally start becoming common place in desktops (but I think laptops will see it first).

Flash Fedora

I really really wish YouTube would switch to Theora so that I don’t have to install flash.. maybe one day when Google realises how much they’ll be paying in H.264 royalties.

Anyway, dream on.

So to get Flash working in Fedora it doesn’t work out of the box. Also, if you visit a flash site it tells you to download it manually and that ends up in a whole lot of pain.

I ended up downloading the 64bit version 10 alpha and installing it manually. Flash now works, but the install method is disappointing.

Edit: There’s a better way described in the Fedora Wiki


Flash! Ah ah, king of the impossible

I don’t have much call to view flash content, but thought I’d test out this new fancy (alpha) 64 bit flash plugin from Adobe.

The tarball contains only one file, libflashplayer.so. Extract this to ~/.mozilla/plugins and restart firefox.
NOTE: You must remove any previous versions of flash before doing this. I didn’t have to cause I didn’t already have it installed.

After this it was listed in about:plugins and it was time to test youtube. Surprise, surprise, it just worked. It’s almost wrong.

If only they had open sourced the damn thing, we would have had 64 bit years ago.