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I really really wish YouTube would switch to Theora so that I don’t have to install flash.. maybe one day when Google realises how much they’ll be paying in H.264 royalties.

Anyway, dream on.

So to get Flash working in Fedora it doesn’t work out of the box. Also, if you visit a flash site it tells you to download it manually and that ends up in a whole lot of pain.

I ended up downloading the 64bit version 10 alpha and installing it manually. Flash now works, but the install method is disappointing.

Edit: There’s a better way described in the Fedora Wiki


4 thoughts on “Flash Fedora

  1. Hey Brad, thanks! I did read up on http://fedorafaq.org to see how they suggested doing it, but it wanted to use ndiswrapper, etc.

    I also didn’t find this info on the Fedora wiki.. but maybe I just had a “boy look.”


  2. Thanks Rahul, once again you’ve provided helpful information! I did read that page, but it was all about ndiswrapper. There is a section there on getting the 64bit alpha and manually installing it – not sure if this was there before or not. Anyway that’s what I ended up doing myself. I did end up finding an RPM somewhere on the net.

    Still, this is a far cry from something like Ubuntu, which just installs automatically from within Firefox. Perhaps this is something that Omega could provide? 😉

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