Elementary OS released, and it’s awesome

Daniel Foré and the Elementary team have finally released the long awaited Elementary OS, codenamed Jupiter. Kudos!

With Jupiter, we’ve made using your computer extremely easy by including a selection of the best apps designed and programmed by professional artists and developers. We’ve also simplified the whole experience to make things easy and beautiful.

Elementary OS desktop

It’s an Ubuntu based distro with Elementary’s cool new apps like Postler, their lightweight mail client. Naturally, it also comes with Elementary’s take on Nautilus and uses the Elementary theme and icon set (just like Kororaa!). It’s light, and it’s fast.

I wrote an article about Elementary for Linux Magazine last year and I’m very proud of Dan and the team for what they have achieved. Dan started using Linux after trying out the original Kororaa Live CD and was amazed by it. So you see, I have a special tie to the project 🙂

Check it out, it’s definitely worthwhile!

3 thoughts on “Elementary OS released, and it’s awesome

  1. I’m loving Elementary. Is there a blog that follows the development from the elementary team? Such as how Omg Ubuntu follows Ubuntu? I would love to stay in the loop.

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