3 thoughts on “YouTube HTML5 beta program launched, but without Theora support

  1. There are a few caveats however

    The main one for me being that it doesn’t work at all.

    I have the chromium-codecs-ffmpeg-nonfree package installed (containing H.264, which I confirm to work with a local-only H.264 video in the <video> tag), and all I get is this lousy error:

    Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available.

    Funny thing is that I don’t see a single <video> tag in the whole markup. Smells fishy to me.

  2. Mmm.. interesting. I don’t have support for H.264, so I haven’t tested it at all. I think however, that it does not use system codecs at all, but playback is built into the browser itself, hence why it doesn’t work. I’m guessing that Chromium had to take out H.264 support because of patent licensing for streaming. Chrome might work.

    Here’s the blog entry:


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