4 thoughts on ““Freeware” Supertux game available on Apple.com

  1. A pity it isn’t proper public domain freeware. I find the GPL is aggrevating because it’s incompatible with nearly everything including other supposed “free software” licenses. I can use such “open source” software, and I can read the source, and learn how to do stuff, but I can’t actually reuse parts of their code in my own projects (unless I submit to the craptastic GPL). I make all my potentially reusable code public domain, so people actually can use it. Tolerable alternatives to public domain are the MIT and BSD licenses, which are compatible with other code. I can’t reuse GPL code in my programs, so I oppose the use of the GPL.

  2. “Freeware (from “free” and “software”) is computer software that is available for use at no cost or for an optional fee.”

    “free software” such as that covered by the GPL is “freeware” under that definition, supposing that someone will distribute it to you for free, which is almost always the case. Perhaps Apple doesn’t care to specify what type of freeware it is.

  3. Hey Sam, see other post about thoughts on the GPL 😉

    Sure, “freeware” is not incorrect (if you’ll excuse the double negative), but it’s not quite correct. It’s leaving out the most important component of the software, it’s free license.

    It’s available for no charge (freeware) because the license that it has, enables others to distribute it for free. The license is the reason that it is able to be freeware, so it’s that’s the more important aspect.

    Of course, Apple can say whatever they want, but a requirement of the GPL is to make the source code available and license clearly visible.

    I contacted the development team, and they didn’t care, saying:

    “Freeware” isn’t incorrect, and it’s also a term that everybody understands. I think it’s fine the way it is.

    Which is their choice, I just wanted to make sure that they are happy with it 🙂


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