More Karmic FAIL

At work most of our computers run Ubuntu (well, they used to) and the upgrade to Karmic has not been fun. Mike’s machine broke X, Evolution on Justin’s machine segfaults whenever he tried to create a new email and it also booted his old 2.6.28 kernel instead of the new 2.6.31 version. AC’s computer lost all his desktop icons in GNOME, the subtitling editing program he uses broke and needed a re-install, the screensaver also locks up his machine… and so on.

On top of all that, a non-technical user which I put onto Ubuntu tried to upgrade at home and it failed too. Also, my boss tried to upgrade his home computer to Karmic for the second time, but it aborted during the process.

This is all about 6 weeks after the initial release.. *sigh*

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