Awww.. Fedora 12 includes Mono and Windows.Forms by default, in GNOME

The Fedora 12 Constantine GNOME Live CD is Mono free, but installing GNOME from the DVD pulls in not only Mono itself, but also support for Windows.Forms (mono-winforms), which is outside the ECMA standard (and not covered under Microsoft’s horribly inadequate Community Promise).

While Constantine no longer includes Tomboy, it does still include F-Spot which is a .NET application.

Mono can be removed and blocked by running the following commands as root:
yum erase -y mono-\*
sed -i '/^\[main\]$/a exclude=mono-\*' /etc/yum.conf

I take back what I said earlier about Fedora protecting our freedom..

Update: Users can, of course, select the “Customize Now” button during installation and remove Mono/F-Spot, etc to ensure it’s not installed in the first place.

10 thoughts on “Awww.. Fedora 12 includes Mono and Windows.Forms by default, in GNOME

  1. Chris,
    Unchecking Fspot from DVD installation via “Customize now” will not include mono packages. It sounds like you blog implies Fedora does no longer allow custom installation which is not true. You should at least mentioned it.

  2. Hi Luya,

    Thanks, it wasn’t my intention to imply that, but I did include the words “by default” as it is the default. Naturally you can customise whatever you like 🙂


  3. Hey Rahul,

    Thanks for the link. It doesn’t mention anything about replacing F-Spot, but rather gThumb. Still, if Shotwell is good enough, there’d be no reason to keep F-Spot I guess.


  4. It just goes to show how out of touch alot of OSS really is , and that just like apple , it gets in ‘bed’ with Microsoft. I am not saying everything Microsoft does turns to utter garbage, but when OSS /linux has ‘alternatives’ to patently avoid the goober mess etc., and ignores those options, then its a clear indication of bad leadership that some of us saw coming a very very long time ago.

    It’s something often missed so here you go:

    Yes you read it right.SLOW crashy and thats a current test..not unlike f-spot ..are we seeing a common thread here yet ( The are other references on google to prove this , one is ‘turned skyward’) ?

    Too bad, so sad, but really does anyone care that mono might be gone in 13, that its there in 12 seems the more relevant awkwardness ( we’ll see? ) . What exactly was the fear with not shipping mono, was there some magical app that was so worthy, that shooting OSS in the proverbial foot was more logical that following logical steps for the good of the core ? PCbsd understands avoiding mono apparantly and that’s where Im sticking for foreseeable future, because I know they have my(our) back.


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