Karmic upgrade, broken printing. Workaround.

So on another machine (my Dad’s to be exact) after an upgrade to Karmic, both sound and printing were broken.

I fixed the printing issue last night, which was truly strange. The original printer was still there (as I would expect) and could be seen in the GNOME print manager. The problem was that it just wouldn’t print at all. Taking a closer look, for some reason the driver had been reset to “Alps MD-1000” even though it’s a Samsung.

Broken printer

Changing the driver to anything else and saving the changes did not actually change the driver – it went straight back to “Alps MD-1000.” Adding a new printer resulted in the same problem.

The fix was to log into the CUPS server directly (http://localhost:631) and from here I was able to select the right driver – and it stuck. It could now print correctly.

Going back to the GNOME print manager still shows the driver as being the “Alps MD-1000” which is just wrong.

So I’m not sure why GNOME print manager is broken, but if I configure the printer directly with CUPS it works.

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  • Karmic Koala Kubuntu seems to be fine here. Driving my Epson CX5500 printer/scanner flawlessly from a free desktop machine (256MB/30GB).

    Have you tried hitting the CUPS service directly?

  • Sorry, RTFM, you have.

    I can have a hack at the KDE print config if you like?

  • Hey Leon,

    This was an upgrade from Jaunty, I’m not sure whether a fresh install would work correctly (I’m guessing it might).

    Thanks for the offer, but no need to hack at the KDE print config because it was a GNOME related thing πŸ™‚ In fact, I guess that I could install KDE print manager and test to see if it’s GNOME only, or some wider problem. Either way the problem is solved for now thanks to the CUPS server πŸ™‚


  • Well… go ahead, then!

    Where’s your sense of masoch^H^H^Hadventure? (-:

  • Haha. I’m too old for this.. πŸ˜‰

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