Windows Server 2008 can now replicate Samba4

A few months ago Tridge demonstrated Samba4 to Samba4 replication and now this goes one step further for real world use. Andrew Bartlett has just blogged about the Samba team’s recent efforts in Redmond working with Microsoft to get a Windows Server 2008 R2 machine to replicate a Samba4 server.

He wrote:

As the days and nights dragged on, greater progress began, and the Windows 2008 R2 server being joined progressively accepted more and more data from Samba4. But just as things looked bright, another failure would rob us of victory, and Hongwei would be sent another trace to analyse…

But as the final minutes arrived, there was time for one final run… Cameras were at the ready, as we waited impatiently for the Windows DC to join, and it was with total shock that, with 15 seconds to spare (and tridge’s taxi no doubt already waiting), the Windows domain controller joined.

This was the first time that Samba4 had hosted an AD domain that a Windows DC found sufficiently acceptable to replicate the whole directory, and be comfortable to set itself up as a peer domain controller.

With this (after some refinement), we will be able to show Samba4 as a viable option to be peer domain controller in any AD domain, able to host such domains alone or in partnership with Microsoft’s Windows.

Great work Samba team, you are amazing!

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