Bootology [bōōt-ol-uh-jee] -noun. The art of booting Linux

Bootchart openSUSE 11.0I just came across bootchart, a tool for “performance analysis and visualization of the GNU/Linux boot process”.

Ever wondered what was causing that big delay in bootup? Install bootchart and check!

I installed bootchart on my openSUSE box at work with sudo zypper in bootchart, rebooted and edited grub on the fly, adding init=/sbin/bootchartd to the kernel line.

After your system has loaded, bootchart creates a log of the process which you can then turn into a chart with the command bootchart. You can also specify the log location if required, or change the output format of the chart from PNG to SVG or EPS.

Of course, what you do with this information is up to you 🙂 Happy hacking.

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