From time to time I need to compile a 32bit kernel on a 64bit system and the kernel’s make scripts appear to detect my hardware and override my settings. I always forget what option to pass (even though it’s really, really easy), so I’m just blogging it here for my own future reference 🙂

make menuconfig ARCH=i386
make -j2 ARCH=i386
make modules -j2 ARCH=i386
make modules_install ARCH=i386
make install ARCH=i386

Phew.. glad I have that written down somewhere!

2 thoughts on “Arrrrch!

  1. Are you *still* trying to get that busted distro working?

    Arch is dead, man. Ubuntu is where it’s at. 🙂

  2. Haha 🙂 Actually this was on Gentoo and I meant “Arrrch” as in “ARRRRGH” but because it was to do with the architecture, I put “Arrrch”. It was meant to be a clever title, but, well, FAIL.

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