More VoIPing around

I have NodePhone and it kicks butt. Quality has been absolutely brilliant, well once I set packet priority and the default codec to be PCMA G.711 A-Law that is.

Anyway, I have now started to think about dial plans and other VoIP providers. It was kicked off because my Dad is looking to change ISP and go VoIP. I came across TPG which looked promising and so compared their VoIP rates with NodePhone. Turns out TPG is cheaper (which I expected) on a few things like international calls to Hong Kong ($0.0277 per minute with $0.10 flag fall compared to $0.15 flag fall and $0.05 per minute with NodePhone). This gave me the idea that I could use a second provider for some outgoing calls, while still having my VoIP incoming number (and Naked on top of that, though I can’t get it myself). I thought I’d test it out.

I signed up with TPG’s softphone account (which you just top up with credit) and from the F.A.Q found the SIP server settings. Once I had this, I logged into my Billion 7404VGP-M router to configure the account. Here’s what I did:

Configuration - VoIP - Wizard
VoIP User-defined Profiles
Registrar Address =
Authentication Username = 0[account number]
Authentication Password = ******

Back at ‘VoIP Wizard’, choose TPG server from the SIP Service Provider drop down.
Phone Number = 0[account number]
Authentication Password = ******

Configuration -> VoIP -> General Settings
Next to "Setting for Phone Port" hit Sync Now.

Configuration -> VoIP -> Phone Port
It should show it registered.

The main thing was the zero in front of the username/phone number, which fooled me for a while (I’m not one to read manuals first).

Once it was registered, I plugged in my telephone to the second port and made a phone call to my sister’s mobile. It all worked well, voice clarity was fine and the 5min 35sec call cost $1.56. I’ll do some more tests, but if the quality is there then the cost of long calls to HK could be cut in half 🙂

Now I really feel like a cheapskate!


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