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From time to time I need to compile a 32bit kernel on a 64bit system and the kernel’s make scripts appear to detect my hardware and override my settings. I always forget what option to pass (even though it’s really, really easy), so I’m just blogging it here for my own future reference 🙂

make menuconfig ARCH=i386
make -j2 ARCH=i386
make modules -j2 ARCH=i386
make modules_install ARCH=i386
make install ARCH=i386

Phew.. glad I have that written down somewhere!

Flash! Ah ah, king of the impossible

I don’t have much call to view flash content, but thought I’d test out this new fancy (alpha) 64 bit flash plugin from Adobe.

The tarball contains only one file, libflashplayer.so. Extract this to ~/.mozilla/plugins and restart firefox.
NOTE: You must remove any previous versions of flash before doing this. I didn’t have to cause I didn’t already have it installed.

After this it was listed in about:plugins and it was time to test youtube. Surprise, surprise, it just worked. It’s almost wrong.

If only they had open sourced the damn thing, we would have had 64 bit years ago.