Firefox default print DPI fix

Firefox on my Dad’s machine always wants to print to 300 DPI by default. He can manually change it, but it’s annoying. Other browsers pick up the printer default of 600 DPI and are happy, but not Firefox. He posted a bug on Launchpad for it and then afterwards I found a fix for it upstream in Mozilla’s Bugzilla.

It’s as simple as:

As user, open a shell and enter:
lpoptions -o Resolution=600dpi

This will add a default resolution to ~/.cups/lpoptions

My ~/.cups/lpoptions contains:
Default IP4200 Resolution=600dpi

So anyone who has the same issue, here’s the work around.

3 thoughts on “Firefox default print DPI fix

  1. Wow, this works.
    Me and my dad had this problem in Ubuntu. Different Laserprinters (Brother and Samsung), both 600 DPI (and printing 300 DPI in Firefox and Seamonkey)

    So thanks!


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