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Zypper “download only” option

Sometimes on an openSUSE box I want to be able to pre-download the packages and install at a later date. By default, it downloads each package and installs it before the moving onto the next one. If the update is interrupted, then you can end up with a broken system (it’s happened a few times).

Now I’ve found out how to enable cache and download only with zypper

Zypper can enable cache on a per-repository basis (pretty neat), or you can set them all up like so:
zypper mr -k -all

Now that you have cache enabled, just do a dry-run which will download everything, but not install them:
zypper -l -y update --dry-run

And there you are..

openSUSE 11.2 – no Mono by default, in KDE

I’ve just installed the latest release of openSUSE (version 11.2), which now defaults to the KDE desktop.

I was pleased to see that this does not install Mono by default (mostly thanks to the fact that KDE has so far managed to keep it out).

Nevertheless, users can easily block Mono from being installed at a later point, by using the package manager:
sudo zypper al *mono*

The only issue I have experienced so far, is that the installer has the option to configure NTP and gives the option to sync the time, but there’s no network at that point so it fails. In previous versions I’m pretty sure that then kicked up the network wizard, but it doesn’t with 11.2 (at least, installing from the 64bit DVD that is).