Zypper “download only” option

Sometimes on an openSUSE box I want to be able to pre-download the packages and install at a later date. By default, it downloads each package and installs it before the moving onto the next one. If the update is interrupted, then you can end up with a broken system (it’s happened a few times).

Now I’ve found out how to enable cache and download only with zypper

Zypper can enable cache on a per-repository basis (pretty neat), or you can set them all up like so:
zypper mr -k -all

Now that you have cache enabled, just do a dry-run which will download everything, but not install them:
zypper -l -y update --dry-run

And there you are..

4 Responses to “Zypper “download only” option”

  • ‘zypper update –download-only’ is the correct option. dry-run does not download. The download only option has been an improvement in later versions of libzypp amongst a few other available in the manual.

  • Hi , if I tried download only option I get packages without kernel packages downlading and I would see a message like “package locked could not made any changes” could you please let me know how to fix this and kernel package too getting downloaded

  • Hi Kart, sorry I’m not sure. That post was a long time ago and perhaps things have changed? I don’t use SUSE often anymore, maybe someone can help you on their IRC channel or something?

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