K Desktop Environment is dead, long live KDE

It’s official, the K Desktop Environment is no more.


* We will use simply “KDE” and retire the expansion “K Desktop Environment”

* We will use “KDE” exclusively in two meanings:
o KDE, the community, which creates free software for end users
o As an umbrella brand for the technology created by the KDE community

* We will use distinct brands for the software that was previously referred to generically as “KDE”:
o The KDE Workspaces will be separately referred to as “KDE Plasma Desktop” and “KDE Plasma Netbook”
o The KDE technologies used for building applications will be referred to as the “KDE Platform”
o The KDE Applications will stay as they are: “the KDE Applications”
o The product we currently have released as “KDE 4.3” is essentially a compilation of our software (Workspaces, Applications and Platform), and thus the next release will be named “KDE Software Compilation 4.4”

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