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Fedora 12 review at DistroWatch

Jesse Smith has reviewed the new Fedora 12 over at DistroWatch, for anyone who is interested.


Under the Arch

As the editor for the DistroWatch weekly newsletter, I often write reviews of Linux distributions.

For this week’s release I’ve completed a review of Arch Linux. As it was a lot of work, I figured I’d post it here rather than just in the newsletter..

There is a podcast for it too (10MB).

The DistroWatch Weekly is released every Monday and includes a summary of distribution related news, a feature article, as well as current and upcoming distribution releases.

Letter to the editor

Well this week I created my very first DistroWatch Weekly as the new editor of the popular newsletter.

While some readers complained that Ubuntu is getting too much coverage, I think that overall most enjoyed the newsletter.

I’m looking forward to compiling the DWW for next week’s release!