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Farewell Tuz, we hardly knew ye

Tuz, the temporary Linux mascot With Linux kernel 2.6.30 well on the way, Tuz has finally taken a bow and left the stage. Thanks to all who helped raise funds for the Save The Tasmanian Devil foundation at Linux.conf.au this year. Thanks also to Linus for offering to replace Tux for a release and of course Rusty for his patch.


How to compete with free

The NSW Government is considering putting Linux on the laptops for students as a part of the Rudd Government’s “Education Revolution” plan. Good idea!

But you know what will happen, Microsoft will step in and offer XP and Office for cheap (or perhaps even FREE), in order to stop Linux from gaining any momentum in the market. They will also offer discounts to NSW Government Departments on their Microsoft products, if they don’t adopt Linux on these notebooks.

The Victorian Government struck such a deal and as a result, laptops with Windows are cheaper than the Linux version – which comes with a free operating system!

How do you complete with that?