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New Zealand school goes totally open source

Albany Senior High School in Auckland New Zealand is a new school, set up just last year in 2009. Most education institutions are “Microsoft shops” but this school has bucked the trend by going the free software route.

Applications used within the school include OpenOffice, Google Docs, Moodle for managing education content, and Mahara for student portfolios. The Koha software used by the school library was also customised to integrate more closely with the LDAP security system and to allow book recommendations.

Go my Kiwi cousins, go!

Danish and German schools to get OpenOffice.org

It’s happening all around the world, but here is a report from Germany and Danmark about schools rolling out OpenOffice.org.

The administration of the Danish municipality of Lyngby-Taarbæk is installing OpenOffice on some 1700 school desktop PCs, the administration announced yesterday. The first school where OpenOffice will be installed is the Lindegård school. At the school earlier today mayor Rolf Aagaard-Svendsen showed the first desktop running the open source suite of productivity tools. According to a report by the Danish IT news site Version2, the move to open source is intended to prevent students from using unlicensed software.

Meanwhile in Germany, trials of OpenOffice.org has begun as servers are migrated to Linux.

The city of Münster has started a pilot using OpenOffice in schools. The city’s IT department, Citeq, will also switch all of the 150 servers used in its primary and secondary schools over to GNU/Linux. Half of these have already been migrated to open source.

Hopefully we will see more of this as time rolls on!