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My pinguino air-con unit

It’s not yet Summer time Down Under, but last week was a scorcher! The air-con at work broke down and at my desk it was a steamy 32.1 degrees Celsius (89.78 degrees Fahrenheit).

Fortunately, the week before I had bought a new portable air-conditioning unit for home.

The one I settled on is a De’Longhi PACW160B, AKA the “Pinguino” – how could I not buy that!? It’s so cute..
Pinguino - image from De'Longhi website

..and it works really well!
(Yes, sometimes I wonder too.)

Edit: Matt Bottrell pointed out that it’s actually “Pinguino” not “Penguino,” however it’s still meant to be a penguin which you can see from the image. That’s good enough for me! 🙂