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The Canonical online music store

Looks like there’s a proposal for Ubuntu to get its very own online music store, in time for Lucid next year. It would be tied directly into the desktop with applications like Banshee and Rhythmbox providing a web front-end for users to purchase music.

That’s quite an interesting suggestion and I wonder if it will come off. No doubt the store will be closed source and proprietary, as we’ve come to expect from Canonical.

Still, if they offer Music in lossless formats, I’d buy them. I have never bought any music online because it’s all lossy MP3, which I detest. For me, CDs remain the best way to get high-quality music on my PC. That would definitely change if I could buy FLAC albums somewhere..

Songbird for your distro

Came across a handy little page on the Songbird wiki pointing to contributed builds for various distros. If you want to install Songbird using your distros package manager, maybe this will help.


Opportunity for CC music

Mike just sent me a link to an article in The Age about a move by the Phonographic Performance Company of Australia to up the royalties paid by cafes and restaurants for playing music which is still under copyright.

The move appears to have been successful, which a huge hike in fees should restaurants choose to comply.

Buoyed by the nightclub ruling, the PPCA is now targeting eateries. It wants to increase licensing fees in a 120-seat restaurant to $19,344 a year — up from $125. Small cafes would be slugged with a 4729 per cent yearly increase from $124 to $5860.

Why am I writing this? I think this is a great opportunity for those free culture type people to come together and create and/or gather some creative commons compilations of music for use at these establishments. It might be a great way for local bands and musicians to get their music out into the public spotlight.

The way I see it working would be either physical material, or a website where anyone could download the music. I know that lots of these online places already exist, but perhaps a more targeted website would be helpful. Such a site might simply include information about the change, what it means to them, and how they can use CC music royalty free.

Information could be distributed to all cafes and restaurants in the ACT and indeed right across Australia.

Anyway, just a thought.