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Moblin v2.0 final & v2.1 preview released

I almost didn’t see this, but the Moblin steering committee has just announced the final release of Moblin v2.0, as well as a preview of v2.1.

“Expect to see OSVs and OEMs shipping products based on Moblin v2.0 for netbooks.”

There is even a builder to create your own custom Moblin version.

Also released is a package manager for Moblin:

“You can now browse and easily install new applications on your Moblin based netbook, using the Moblin Garage and Moblin Application Installer.

The Moblin Garage is an online applications catalog that contains free/open source software applications released under a recognized open source license along with proprietary applications redistributed at no cost.”

Things are heating up!

Dell release Ubuntu Moblin Remix Developer Edition on Mini 10v

Dell looks to be moving more and more towards Linux for their products with the release of a developer version of Ubuntu Moblin Remix Developer Edition.

Naturally it’s not the final release, things like Bluetooth don’t work, but Dell is hoping the community will pick it up and help to improve the system.

You can purchase the machine with this special developer release from the Dell website, or download the image yourself from the Dell Moblin wiki page.