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Gentoo: “We’re Not Dead”

Gentoo is awesome, but it’s not without its issues. I talked with a representative of the Board of Trustees to find out what they’ve been doing to repair damaged image. While I’m at it, I compare stable package versions in Gentoo with other distros such as Arch, Fedora and Ubuntu.

Interview with Eric Hameleers: Why You Should Try Slackware

Slackware is one of the first Linux distributions ever and the oldest surviving. With the recent release of version 13.0, the project has announced official support for 64-bit systems. I talked with Eric Hameleers, the man behind the port, about what motivated him to create it and what Slackware has to offer you.

Interview with Ksplice Co-Founder

As a followup to my article last week about Ksplice, this week I’ve published an interview with Waseem Daher, co-founder of the project.

Currently the project has an update service for Ubuntu users, but more distros may be coming soon.