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Jindebah – my favourite coffee place

Every morning for the last four years my work colleagues and I have gone up the road for coffee. It’s not just any coffee mind you, it’s the best coffee at The Fresh Roast Coffee House in Mitchell (there’s also the Jindebah Cafe in Cowlishaw St, Tuggeranong).

This is where Quentin and his team import coffee beans from all around the world (plus some grown themselves) and roast them perfectly in-house, winning lots of awards in the process. They have more than fifty different types of coffee available.

Needless to say, I’ve built up a good relationship with Quentin over the years and (with the help of a friend) recently updated their website for them so that they can manage it themselves. Now that I’ve resigned from my position at the National Archives, I won’t be heading into The Fresh Roast Coffee House for my morning coffee, but I will continue to order beans for use with my coffee machine at home.

If you’re looking for the best, freshly roasted coffee in Canberra (they ship all around Australia, free in the ACT) make sure you check out Jindebah. Some of my favourite coffees are:

If you’re looking for a nice Mandehling, I quite like the Sumatran Kudu Mas.

If you’re a decaf person, I quite like the Colombian Excelso.

I’ll miss Quentin and everyone at Jindebah, so thanks for your friendly service over the years. You won’t get rid of me that easily, I’ll certainly be back from time to time to say hello (and down a beautiful cup of the best coffee in Canberra).


I finally got a coffee machine..

I’ve been using my much beloved Bialetti stove pot for ages, but I have been wanting to get more serious and purchase a “proper” espresso machine.

Finally, today I was able to do that and for a bargain price I think.

The machine is a Sunbeam Café Series EM6910 which has twin pumps and twin heating systems so that one can prepare the coffee and milk at the same time. Andrew Tridgell recommended it when he recently presented his home made coffee roaster at CLUG. I also have another friend with one who highly recommends it. So with Tridge’s recommendation on top of that, it was just a matter of time..
Sunbeam EM6910 Espresso Machine
RRP AU$799

To go with this lovely machine I of course needed a coffee grinder, so once again the recommendation came in for the Café Series Conical Burr Coffee Grinder EM0480.
Sunbeam EM0480 Burr Coffee Grinder
RRP AU$219

That comes in at a total price of $1018, recommended retail of course.

Currently however, Sunbeam has a promotion on giving you a free EM0480 grinder when you purchase an EM6910 espresso machine.

With that in mind, I went out to find the best price I could on the machine, which would therefore include the grinder, saving a few hundred dollars.

Myer had it on special for $718, Harvey Norman would do it for $699, Bing Lee beat that price for $670 but today The Good Guys were the winners for $597.

Yes, $597. I had to double check the ticket to make sure I was looking at the right item! It was true. So now I have the exact machine I wanted with the exact grinder I wanted, brand new, and for a bargain price!