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Anandtech takes a look at AMD’s new “Atom killing platform”

Anandtech takes a hands-on look at AMD’s new CPU+GPU combination platform, Brazos. It’s designed to compete in the low performance power, and mobile spaces.

How well will it perform, especially in comparison to next-gen Atom SOC, Sandy Bridge, or NVIDIA’s ION platform? Not sure yet, but one thing I know, it will be practically useless for Linux without decent driver support.

Update: Looks like some open source drivers are on the way..

Dell 10″ netbook with Linux (in Australia!)

Only just noticed that Dell is selling the Latitude 2100 10″ netbook with Ubuntu 9.04 in Australia. None of the Mini series appear to come with the option of Linux, even though my friendly Dell representative told me that they do.

The Linux option is $60 cheaper than Windows XP, however it does not have the option of a built in camera. They both have the option of a touch screen, but the Linux model does not let you change the bezel, which means the configuration is broken. Perhaps this can be resolved on the phone, but the web interface presents a rather limited number of options. That’s disappointing.

Still, if you like Dell and are after an atom based netbook which comes pre-installed with Linux, perhaps the 2100 is for you.