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Malaysian government touts 95% FOSS adoption

Malaysia started looking into FOSS for government back in 2004. Now, it appears they have reached 95% adoption across the government.

Some 95 percent of Malaysia’s government agencies have adopted open source software (OSS), but the remaining 5 percent have not warmed to the concept–and is unlikely to anytime soon, according to a government official.

Munich adopts Open Document Format

I missed this previously, but Munich has finally switched over to exclusive use of ODF for documents, and PDF for non-editable documents.

The city administration’s standard desktops now consist of the free OpenOffice.org office suite, Mozilla’s Firefox browser, the Thunderbird email client and several other open source applications, such as the GIMP image editor.

Nicaraguan schools to move to Linux

Argentia, Brazil, Linux activity is a hot bed in South America. Now the latest country, Nicaragua, has announced that they are migrating their schools to Linux.

The Ministry of Education have plans for developing an Ubuntu-based educational distribution aimed at public and private elementary and secondary schools in Nicaragua…

One of the first tasks is to identify and classify all the free educational software included in the Ubuntu repositories, and see which software packages needs to be adapted to fit the national curriculum for schools and how much new software has to be developed from scratch.

Good on ’em.

ODF in South America

It looks like the Ecuadorian Institute of Standardisation has just unanimously approved the use of ODF in the country.

This comes after Brazil adopted ODF as their national standard last year and then their Ministry of Education developed a custom Linux distribution which is being rolled out to the country’s 52 million children.

Venezuela also adopted ODF as their national standard, as has Argentina and Uruguay (pdf).

Great stuff.