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I’m gonna feel that tomorrow..

I just got home from my first game of hockey in like 5 years, and boy am I feeling it! My legs hurt, my lower back hurts (it’s a long way to bend down). My brain is set to run with the ball, but my legs just can’t keep up. I may hobble (slowly) into work tomorrow. Mendy came along and she wore my LCA 2007 hat (which actually fits her).

I did set up a goal and saved one on a short corner, so it wasn’t all bad 🙂


Welcome to Tassie, ranga!

So I’m down in Hobart for 2009 and naturally I’m having a great time. Yesterday, I was walking down the street on my way to the hotel when some Taswegian, his heads hanging out of the car window, yelled “RANGA!!“.

I suddenly had flashbacks to highschool.

Lest We Forget

Today is Remembrance Day and the 90th Anniversary of The Armistice, which symbolically marked the end of World War I.

On the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month, we will remember them.

It’s got my vote, literally

Just came back from voting in the ACT election. For the first time I got to use an electronic voting system. Well, not so much “got to” as “had to“.

The assistants all had a palm pilot where they tap in the voter’s name, tick that they have voted and hand them a little strip of cardboard with a barcode printed on it.

then you walk up to a booth, where a computer screen and numberpad await. Select a language using the down arrows and hit the enter key, then swipe the card through the reader. Tab through the parties until you find one with which you want to place a vote, hit the down arrows to select a candidate and then hit the enter key to assign the next numerical number. There’s even an undo button if you made a mistake.

Once you’re done assigning your votes, hit the finish button. This brings you to the final screen listing your preferences and where you cast your vote simply by swiping your barcode again. On the way out, you put the barcode in the box provided.

As far as I could tell there was no real way to match your barcode with your vote. But theoretically ‘they’ do know the order in which voters registered with any given assistant. ‘They’ could then match this against the order of the strips which the assistant was assigned. I.e. Voter number one got strip number one, which was assigned barcode 58610. Voter two got strip number 58611. Then again I guess that’s trivial to do with a piece of paper too. Not that I care who knows my vote anyway.

It seemed quite smooth. I’m sure it will make tallying up the result much easier, but I can say for certain that it is not easier than a piece of paper and a pencil.

Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to Sydney I go

Tomorrow afternoon I am driving to Sydney to pick up Mendy, my fiancé, who is returning for a brief 10 day visit before returning to work in Macau.

Last time we saw each other was December last year, almost 9 months ago. Why she chooses to stay over there I don’t quite understand. I’m not that horrible, am I? I mean, I know I’m a ranga an’ all. (Walsh, resist the urge.. I still have to approve any comments, and don’t forget – I can beat you up! 🙂 )

Anyway, her plane arrives early Friday morning. I’m taking time off work and so will be back at the Archives on the 23rd.

Here we go again

For a few years now I have been using my family’s domain ( to host my blog. Finally I decided to get my own personal piece of cyberspace. I know, the URL is a bit pretentious but I couldn’t pass up 🙂

So, from now on this will be the home of my blog – the place where I talk about things that are mostly useless, but sometimes might have an insight or two.


P.S. My email address has changed too, you can contact me via mail [at] christophersmart [dot] com