Korora 21 available

It has taken a few weeks longer than we had hoped, but Korora 21 images are now available. I strongly recommend downloading with BitTorrent if you can.

The 21 beta was quite successful and we were able to make some minor changes to help improve the overall experience. Users who are currently on the beta need not re-install, updates are provided via the package manager. Users who are on 20 may consider upgrading, however this is not necessary as version 20 is supported for another 6 months or so.

7 thoughts on “Korora 21 available

  1. I am not new to Linux. I have been using Linux Mint Cinnamon for years. I like to try other releases, especially those that use Cinnamon, but so far none has come close to Mint.

    I would really like to try Korora. The problem is that your torrent links do not work for me. All I get is something like this, and I have shortened this to make sure it is not too long to post:

    d8:announce35:udp://tracker.openbittorrent.com:807:comment86:Any file on the internet can be downloaded using BitTorrent, visit: http://burnbit.com10:created by11:Burnbit 0.113:creation datei1423216411e8:encoding5:UTF-84:infod6:lengthi1838153728e4:name34:korora-21-x86_64-cinnamon-live.iso12:piece lengthi1048576e6:pieces35060:�$�1��|b�D���>�>N�n���
    �g��GjL�eU’�#�/.��3�|��/>b��>N������^+~�)褾�����g����_z���l�Q���~��7�D�U���d�X;jM� �rr?�4ao���?����{��K���T�M~e��r��.�”0���F�m���$��(
    ��y��S�{�2����sc5=rgxfo/;q�?�K�ͅݞ����N��;q�?�K�ͅݞ����N��;q�?�K�ͅݞ����N��;q�?�K�ͅݞ����N��;q�?�K�ͅݞ����N��;q�?�K�ͅݞ����N��;q�?�K�ͅݞ����N��;q�?�K�ͅݞ����N��;q�?�K�ͅݞ����N��;q�?�K�ͅݞ����N��;q�?�K�ͅݞ����N���3z�ãܾ�w��θ�� ;JM�&y���<����!�+qF�l�=)RU��l�8�����-�[����4zm��ZR@�l�:�$�L͍d$��ynSe�̈y��a�/(�$d��=�vPCJ&yU�3�n����gL�D����虵���@�Es��7�C�,YZc�`��8j��|*�c9q�u_$)i���� 1az�I�VB��i�(C��&���c�`��;����3�nR~ߝ����cw��
    j�nVDg#��b��F�z�e�!���U(B�d�(�L��_Wl�rMZ<��bZ1�g,�F�[���:��q�5Fy�a��&n���i��J���S�| ���_L0S:��s��t�N��Ɂ�Ӧ��M�a���xr��ʮ�����pW'�<aT���d��Q\���1��MO�!mQpc9��_
    k���[!�y:�gȺ��&(P39I��YgKG*z���[�0�X���)IR鎬jnb����\��QEK��Dq��~}�����VQp�U��3�Ë0(�P��M��H׭�+A���b��P�?��M'�%��t �:э?��O�q���R”��N=mzk�A�^�S�%ER��f��Qk�A����vؿݫm�W����9n%�F(�\^�E�y�A2F�S>���_d
    ���Rɉ�g{“k&��h���C���A�������GS�2�����ϕR�V�w�b�(1�?��ه����Ǎ’�h�&Q%p1H�I�c�����y��FSc(��R wh�OL��:,=���R��”jFV�|�QTN�VI������Z�3 �T��cT�d��*�m~C6 A�5��/yg�����H�r�”d�Y���l�ԑq� b(�z�ma��y

    I really prefer download live ISOs by torrent. I hope you can fix this soon.

    Thanks, GES

  2. So that’s the 64bit Cinnamon release? Can you please try right clicking on the torrent link and saving it, then opening that in your torrent app and let me know if that works fine? Thanks!

  3. Yes, that was the 64 bit Cinammon release, but I also tried the other links to other desktops and got the same results.

    I am not familiar with the technique you suggest. I have downloaded very many torrents over the last 10 years, and I always download the torrent as a text file and then open it with my torrent client.

    In this case I gave up waiting after about 10 hours and downloaded the ISO the regular way.

    So I am just about to put the ISO on a USB stick and try it out. If I like it I will try to install it.

    I hope installation works out OK, but I have not had many positive results with distros based on Fedora.

    I multi-boot several Linux distros at a time. Fedora based distros generally do not let me choose which partition to install in and they usually insist that I install Grub, when I find multi-booting Linux works better if one only updates the Grub from the main system. I hope your installer offers those options.

    Your suggestion about saving the link to the torrent does not work. Nothing has downloaded in the last several minutes. It says 0 bytes at 0 bytes per second. It’s been like that for over 5 minutes now and I am going to give up.

  4. Hmm.. I’m not sure why that’s the case. I downloaded the torrents and opened them in Deluge and they worked. Downloaded Cinnamon x86_64 at about 1MB/sec. Sorry I’m not sure what’s going on. Everyone else I’ve talked to has been able to torrent the files, maybe it was some glitch 🙁

  5. Well, it worked for me just now. I did the exact same thing I did yesterday, just like you said. but today it worked, and the torrent started.

    I already had the ISO from the regular mirror. I got it installed without any issues. I only had a little time with it when I installed it. I did not have time to try it more today, but I am looking forward to continuing my tests tomorrow.

    Thank you very much.

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