Korora 19 (Bruce) beta is out

The first beta release of version 19 (codename “Bruce”) is now available for download.

As I have been thoroughly tied up with full-time work and University, this release is pretty much the sole work of my fellow Korora developer and right-hand man, Ian “firnsy” Firns. A HUGE thanks to him for all his hard work in getting this release up and out, it wouldn’t have been possible otherwise!

This is the first beta release of Korora which is derived from a beta release of Fedora1 (previous beta versions of Korora were from a stable upstream release) and as such there will likely be a larger number of bugs and many software updates.

See Korora Project website for more details.

1 Korora is not provided or supported by the Fedora Project. Official, unmodified Fedora software is available through the Fedora Project website.

7 thoughts on “Korora 19 (Bruce) beta is out

  1. Thanks! It was all Ian though, I’ve been far to busy to do anything on this release, unfortunately 🙁


  2. I can’t install Korora 19 Beta. The installation window doesn’t appear. How to correct this? Or should I install Korora 18 and upgrade?

  3. I looked in /usr/bin/liveinst and also looked in /usr/share/applications/install to harddisk and clicked on it, still the anaconda installer doesn’t appear.

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