Introducing the Korora Project

It’s with great pleasure that I announce that Kororaa Linux is changing to the Korora Project. We haven’t just been super busy working on the new 18 release, but also setting up this new project and everything that goes with that!

The motivation for this was not only the dropping of an excess letter ‘a’, but it’s also a reflection of the community which is starting to grow nicely and I wanted something people could better associate with and belong to.

The new website has been set up at and feedback is welcome (although be gentle, we’re still ironing out any kinks). All future news will be posted to that site, however the current domain will stay live for the foreseeable future also.

The forum has been migrated to the site and existing users will need to change their passwords.

Finally, I must send out a massive thank you to Ian (firnsy) Firns, who has done an amazing job not only with the new site and content but also helping to build the 18 release, including our new build system which makes life so much easier. Without him, this simply would not have been possible and as such he has become the first official Korora co-developer. Thanks firnsy!

P.S. The new Korora 18 images really are just around the corner, we’ve delayed to add some exciting new features such as out of the box support for Adobe Flash and inclusion of Valve’s Steam client. Stay tuned (on!

6 thoughts on “Introducing the Korora Project

  1. Congrats on the new project, new site and design etc.

    I look forward to trying out 18 when it’s released 🙂

  2. Automatically translating a website using a robot is a very dumb idea. That is the case of both this blog and of the site. It might work for some languages, but for many languages the translation is far from being readable _at all_. I can confirm that for Czech language. It seems like the page was written by someone with a mental disorder.

    I don’t mind when there is a button “Translate to ” (that single sentence can be auto-translated) and only then it performs an automatic translation (which the possibility to revert that action). But using it by default just kills the website. People will have a look at it, read the first sentence, then think “What on earth is this mess?” and close the website.

    Really, really bad idea.

  3. Hi Chirs,
    Congragulation on the project, your contribution is greatly beneficial to also Fedora Project. I look forward the progress.

  4. espero vaya todo bien no cmo en las promesss of fedora that i think to go-go….(they have been thinked)

  5. Hi Kamil,

    That’s really helpful feedback, thanks. The translation is updateable by the community, and anyone can fix the translation to help improve it. Once you click on a language, you can select the “modify translation” option and then you can fix any string that’s wrong.

    That was the idea behind it anyway, but yes I agree if the translation is bad then it will put people off so I will re-think how we do this. Perhaps we’ll just enable it for a language if people ask for it, and that person can fix the translation first.


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