Kororaa 15 (Squirt) Beta released

Update: There is a bug on some machines where X doesn’t start. See the blog entry for details and work around. Sorry about that, I’m working on a new Beta release.

The first beta release of Kororaa 15 (codename “Squirt”) has hit the mirrors, and is available for download, in 32 and 64 bit with KDE 4.6 and GNOME 3.

Kororaa 15 Beta desktop - GNOME

The GNOME 3 desktop has a custom theme applied, as well as several extensions to provide an enhanced user experience.

Updated to Fedora Remix 15, it comes with the usual Kororaa extras out of the box:

  • Tweaked KDE 4.6 and GNOME 3 base systems
  • Third party repositories (Adobe, Chrome, RPMFusion, VirtualBox)
  • Firefox as the default web browser (with integration tweaks for KDE)
  • Firefox extensions included (Adblock Plus, Flashblock, Xclear)
  • Microblogging client (Choqok for KDE, Gwibber for GNOME)
  • Full multimedia support (Flash installable)
  • Video editor (Kdenlive for KDE, OpenShot for GNOME)
  • VLC as the default media player
  • KSplice, for rebootless kernel updates
  • Installers for Adobe Flash, AMD/ATI and NVIDIA video drivers
  • SELinux enabled (particularly worthwhile for Flash)
  • English (Australian/British) support & dictionaries

New features:

  • Updated Fedora Remix 15
  • Customised GNOME 3

Known issues

  • KDE: The Kororaa changes to the desktop (like custom application menus) have not been applied, so it has the default layout. However, Firefox is still the default browser and VLC the default video player, etc.
  • GNOME: The 32bit version does not have the desktop changes applied, so it has the default theme and layout (64bit is correct). You can use the GNOME Tweak Tool to enable the file manager to control the desktop, and enable the custom desktop theme. Sorry about that!

We’d love to hear your feedback on the forums, so download it today and let us know! 🙂


6 thoughts on “Kororaa 15 (Squirt) Beta released

  1. Hey Chris,

    Having left a message about 15 beta this morning, about a problem with the display, I’m now trying 14 in a Live session. Been using Mint 10 for past 7 or 8 months but by comparison Kororaa is miles better! Thank You. It’s the first Live session I’ve used for years that runs as fast as an installed distro, so thanks for that too.

  2. What does “firefox (with integration tweaks for KDE)” mean in particular. Is it something we could “upstream” back to fedora at all? If so, please do poke me, and I’ll help make it happen.

  3. Hey Rex,

    In the early days I was patching Firefox with openSUSE’s KDE tweaks, but I’m not doing that now (you might recall I mentioned it on the Fedora list).

    Now however, the extent of it is just some extensions that I’ve added out of the box, including the Oxygen KDE theme, plasma notify (which is only just compatible again). I was also changing the file picker, etc (some more on my blog).

    So probably nothing we can push upstream to Fedora. I recall that Mozilla was hoping to improve the KDE integration, but not sure whether anything actually came from that upstream.


  4. Cool, I think of those I’m mostly interested in the Oxygen KDE theme for now, and how you packaged/deployed it in particular.

  5. How embarrassing.. The way I’m packaging it is probably not the best – I’m just using the zips directly. Any suggestions/flames welcome!


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