NetworkManager 0.8 to arrive shortly

According to Phoronix, NetworkManager 0.8 has been flagged in the git repository and will be on the way shortly!

NetworkManager, the free software project that’s backed by Red Hat and used by many distributions for easily managing network connections
from the Linux desktop, is ready for its version 0.8 milestone. NetworkManager 0.7 is getting old and while NetworkManager 0.7.1 brought some improvements last year, the 0.8 release is rather exciting

Major improvements are better bluetooth support, integration with ModemManager, ipv6, and the removal of HAL (due to its deprecation).

4 thoughts on “NetworkManager 0.8 to arrive shortly

  1. There is a NetworkManager applet in the top panel of GNOME (2.28) in Fedora 12.

    What is the command-line equivalent to Network Manager applet, in case I want to start wlan0 (Wireless Network) or eth0 (wired) from cmd-line/virtual terminal.



  2. Hi Jay,

    There’s the usual Linux tools like ifconfig and iwconfig (as well as wpa_supplicant, if you have it), which you can use once you stop the NetworkManager daemon. Other than that I’m not sure, but you might want to check out cnetworkmanager, the command line interface for NetworkManager.


  3. I installed Fedora 12 on my Dell Inspiron 1440 and have been desparately trying to get the wireless working. It asks for network manager. I have been to n-number of websites but none says where I can download it..

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