This won’t be my new MythTV box..

Thanks to Robert for pointing this out, but according to Raymond Wagner the new Dell Zino HD won’t cut it for a back end or front end MythTV box (if you’re doing high def).

That processor is marginal at best. You would likely not be able to
decode full bitrate ATSC, much less do so with any deinterlacing. The
$110 more expensive 6850e would be a bare minimum, and even then you can
hardly manage half-bitrate HDPVR recordings, and bluray/hddvd is out of
the question.

You should be able to get the HD3200 working well enough with the fglrx
drivers, but it will not currently, and will likely never support
hardware accelerated decoding. You can upgrade to the HD4330 which now
has XvBA support indirectly through VAAPI, but will not be supported by
MythTV until at least 0.23.

Awww… I was always weary of the AMD video card anyway!

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