Ubuntu does it again..

So I’ve foolishly upgraded a machine at work to Karmic and after a reboot, networking was completely broken.

Awesome. Why does Ubuntu break every time you upgrade? It gives “Linux” a bad name.

Looks like it’s a problem with the dhcpcd script. When running dhcpcd eth0, it errors saying that eth0 does not exist, when indeed it does.
Calling dhcpcd-bin eth0 works correctly.

Removing dhcpcd with –purge and re-installing it fixed the problem.


Just have a look at the release notes for some impressive 40+ bugs. File corruption on large files (over 512MB! Woh!), Hibernation broken, Jockey awesomeness, broken RAID, X server crash with Wacom table, blah, blah, blah. Then there’s all the others which surface when every poor sod running Jaunty tries an upgrade..

Ubuntu, where stable != stable.


4 thoughts on “Ubuntu does it again..

  1. Actually I run Fedora atm, but the main reason for the Ubuntu boxen at work is because there is/was no local ftp mirror for Debian security, but there is for Ubuntu. I’m sure that we will change again at some point soon 🙂


  2. Ubuntu, where stable != stable.

    Mmm. Been bitten many times over too. I’m a hacker, so naturally just about anything that goes wrong I can nut out. Doesn’t mean I enjoy doing so, or that it’ll only take an hour to fix.

    6 months is too short. Either that, or they need their QA team shot.

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